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Saferoot and Nimblr Insurance unite to offer a dual-layered safety net for crypto users, blending proactive wallet security with decentralized insurance solutions.

Staging Labs
September 6, 2023

Empowering crypto users requires a multi-layered approach to protection. That's why Saferoot and Nimblr Insurance have teamed up to integrate proactive security features and decentralized coverage for digital assets.

As a leader in user-friendly crypto wallets, Saferoot builds in key security capabilities to help users confidently manage assets aligned to their risk appetite. This includes anomaly detection, spending limits, and other safeguards to prevent threats before they occur.

Nimblr Insurance complements these preventive measures through their decentralized platform, where users can collectively fund tailored policies to cover digital assets. This provides a critical backstop if security is compromised.

Both companies embrace the independence and freedom that makes crypto so revolutionary. Our partnership allows us to provide integrated protection that aligns with those values, without compromising them.

By combining proactive wallet security with decentralized insurance tailored for crypto, we make digital assets more welcoming for experts and newcomers alike. Users can shape the future with confidence.

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