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Our Manifesto

You've got your back

You’ve got your back. We founded Staging Labs on the simple idea that making mistakes is part of being human, even in crypto. We believe that protecting yourself shouldn't be limited to the privileged few. Building a safer web3 makes it more inclusive by design.

In an industry that likes to blame its users for not keeping their assets safe, we believe in equipping everyone with the tools to feel confident and secure. We reject the idea that ‘learning the hard way’ is a necessary rite of passage for newcomers. We believe that the future of crypto belongs to everyone, not just those who can afford to take risks.

We have a vision for the future, one that is wiser and more secure. We believe that the future belongs less to those with luck or ‘insider knowledge’, but to anyone willing to create it.

Staging Labs

Core Values

Clear communication

Open, proactive communication fuels collaboration and productivity: actively listen, provide clarity, and embrace transparency.

Personal ownership

Take personal responsibility for achieving our mission and always seeking to improve every aspect of our company. Do what you say and have the autonomy to choose the best path forward.

Challenge yourself & each other.

Embrace challenges, ask for feedback, and push boundaries to foster continuous growth. Direct, specific and actionable feedback is how we grow.

Be a sponge.

Prioritize learning over being right, embrace setbacks as growth opportunities, and fuel curiosity and experimentation.

Look under the rocks

High-quality work requires thoroughness and attention to detail. Looking under the rocks helps move faster in the long run.

Bridge the gaps

Actively seek ways to remove siloes, and find ways to collaborate to bring out our combined strengths.

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