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Saferoot Launches Saferoot on MetaMask Snaps

Staging Labs
September 12, 2023

Staging Labs is excited to announce that our product Saferoot has been selected as one of the first Snaps for MetaMask. This will allow us to provide Saferoot's automated crypto protection directly within the MetaMask wallet.

For those unfamiliar, Snaps are mini extensions that can be added to MetaMask to provide additional functionality. By opening up its platform to developers, MetaMask is enabling a more collaborative, user-focused crypto ecosystem.

As an inaugural Snap, Saferoot will give MetaMask users extra security on top of the wallet's existing safeguards. Our Snap will monitor transactions, detect threats, and instantly back up assets if risks are detected.

We applaud MetaMask's efforts to decentralize key platforms through initiatives like Snaps. Their commitment to enabling safe, easy cryptocurrency access aligns with our mission at Staging Labs.

As MetaMask Snaps expands, we look forward to contributing to strong precedents around transparency and ethical practices. Our goal is to benefit the entire crypto community by prioritizing user security, privacy and compliance.

This launch furthers our mission of making crypto investing more intrinsically secure and accessible for all. We're excited to grow our partnership with MetaMask as we continue building Web3's trusted user protection layer.

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